1998 Photos


These are some photos from 1998 - Click on a snap-shot to enlarge it!

The Easter Bunny visited the Blanton's and left many cool things behind.  The kids spent time in the front yard gathering some of the goodies.

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SBB_Reach.jpg (110839 bytes)    SBB_search2.jpg (106567 bytes)    SBB_Owell.jpg (98037 bytes)    SBB_Rabbit.jpg (73836 bytes)

The weather was great.  A little breezy but highs in the upper 70's.   We had Nana over for dinner and enjoyed a great day.

We hope you enjoy the shots of the kids.  Take care and we'll see you all soon!

So far, 1998 has been an incredible year for the Blanton Family.  Here are some misc. photos for everyone to see:

Here are our guys goofing off (as usual):

GuysGoofingOff.jpg (40548 bytes)

Spencer's third birthday party with Nana:

sbbbday.jpg (26339 bytes)

Pool time fun:

Allpool.jpg (67203 bytes)    Aspen.jpg (67328 bytes)    BoysSlid.jpg (74356 bytes)    SBBslide.jpg (60289 bytes)

Our next home (you just wait and see...!!!):

LogCbn2.jpg (95201 bytes)    LogCbn3.jpg (89738 bytes)    LogCbn4.jpg (80611 bytes)    LogCbn1.jpg (76932 bytes)

Spencer learning to surf the internet:

SBBcomp1.jpg (38949 bytes)    SBBcomp2.jpg (44182 bytes)

Hummmm, what a cutie!:

SBBclos2.jpg (48893 bytes)    SBBclose.jpg (37045 bytes)

Cathy and Michael spent two weeks this summer in Upstate New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia with family and friends.  Here are some photos that show just how much fun we really had...

Canada Lake, New York:

heaven.jpg (32833 bytes)    scottlg.jpg (45121 bytes)    greenlk.jpg (10939 bytes)    island.jpg (21051 bytes) 

 island2.jpg (17334 bytes)    mbbchair.jpg (38104 bytes)    livingrm.jpg (30731 bytes)    islandrk.jpg (38767 bytes)    maureen.jpg (26617 bytes)

mbbporch.jpg (36533 bytes)    mbbrenix.jpg (33467 bytes)    mbrofish.jpg (24956 bytes)    mbbwell.jpg (37224 bytes)    mbbsling.jpg (20508 bytes)

porch.jpg (45754 bytes)    sunset.jpg (21042 bytes)    unclelar.jpg (17072 bytes)    oheric2.jpg (18334 bytes)

Camp Hill, Pennsylvania (Our Galvez friends):

galvez.jpg (32689 bytes)    cbbcarol.jpg (29766 bytes)

Northern Virginia:

 cbbmbb.jpg (23604 bytes)    cbborf~1.jpg (13726 bytes)    dsbdsb3.jpg (18911 bytes)    cbbjsb.jpg (11927 bytes)    sarahjes.jpg (19637 bytes)

 mbbdsb3.jpg (18394 bytes)    mbblift.jpg (31610 bytes)    mbbnell.jpg (20604 bytes)    mkmatt.jpg (15961 bytes)    mkmom.jpg (5223 bytes)


Sunset at Big Cedar Lodge...

Cedar_Sunset2.jpg (49010 bytes)

Big Cedar Lodge is located near Branson, Missouri.  Situated on the border of Oklahoma and Missouri, the lodge plays home to those travelers seeking a comfortable place to stay...

Some photos from our trip...

Cabin_sign.jpg (42158 bytes)    USGrantBed.jpg (68614 bytes)     USGrantDresser.jpg (36142 bytes)     BearOnWall.jpg (30532 bytes)     Cabin_bdrm3.jpg (56681 bytes)

Fam_Fire.jpg (61121 bytes)     Cabin_LR.jpg (53413 bytes)    WolfOnWall2.jpg (35003 bytes)     WolfOnWall.jpg (65327 bytes)     SBBcasting.jpg (71978 bytes)

BoysFishing.jpg (74812 bytes)     Fam_Hrses.jpg (89062 bytes)    Paul_Elias_Wins.jpg (22963 bytes)    MBB_JT.jpg (68566 bytes)    MBB_Deer.jpg (74094 bytes)

CBB_CAT3.jpg (50017 bytes)    CBBbobcat3.jpg (33340 bytes)     Lynx.jpg (70267 bytes)    Bobcat.jpg (23631 bytes)    CBBmbbBEAR.jpg (41609 bytes)

CBBlynx.jpg (69793 bytes)


Spencer is really pleased with his gifts from Santa:

SSBBike.jpg (31868 bytes)    SSBBlues.jpg (32287 bytes)    SBBPhone.jpg (34458 bytes)   

Michael is also pleased with his deliveries from Old St. Nick:

MBBDisk.jpg (25045 bytes)    MBBTrack.jpg (30027 bytes)   

The animals had a great day too (with Dad in his normal postion):

DJBDogs.jpg (23333 bytes)    Dogs1.jpg (28005 bytes)


Ho, Ho, Ho, Everyone... here is our 1998 Family Newsletter

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