1999 Photos


Here are some fun memories from this year:

Bedtime at the Blanton's

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An evening at Michael's School

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Our guys getting ready for a fishing trip ...

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Spencer watching his weekly fishing shows...

SSB_Catch.jpg (159095 bytes)    SSB_Fish.jpg (154760 bytes)



We had a wonderful Christmas Day.  Much joy and love surrounded our home.   See some of the highlights below.  

Best to all for a happy and healthy new year.

The Blanton Boys Band...

Guitar.jpg (70415 bytes)    Keyboard.jpg (63970 bytes)

Both our guys are just the greatest!

Brothers.jpg (59431 bytes)

..."hey Michael, Bud's forever?... "  "You bet Spencer, Bud's forever!!"

Toys were most appreciated!  And, Santa finished all of his cookies and milk.  Even the reindeer nibbled on some carrots we left for them.  Boy, they sure must get full if they do that at EVERY house they visit...

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