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Here are some of the photos we took during the year 2000!  I'm sure I'll be adding more as I find them and scan them.  Now I have a digital camera, so for 2001 most of the photos will be online right away!

Disney World - October 2000
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Michael and Spencer Spencer and his "girlfriend" Paige Marshall Denise Marshall, her daughters Emily and Paige, Spencer, Michael, and Nell Campbell Spencer and Paige
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Yum, Yum... Michael says, come on mom... Spencer trying out race car driving Emily looking cute as ever
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Spencer having fun  Paige and Emily riding together Spencer and Paige, "Get lost, mom..." Emily takes it easy for a smooth ride
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Spencer did not want to go on Snow White's Scary Adventure! Spencer and Paige try out some hats at the gift store Oh, boy is SHE giving me a headache or what? They REALLY do want to get married - no kidding...
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Michael trying out the Mickey ears Michael, Paige, and Spencer... Spencer said, "Hey Michael - not too close, OK?" Awwww, how totally cute... King and Queen of the castle... More of the romance budding at Cinderella's castle
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Aunt Nell and Michael on the Buzz Lightyear ride Spencer wondering why Paige wouldn't sit here with him for the photo... Some interesting architecture This is totally made from mosaic tiles.  It was beautiful!
dsc0040.jpg (54889 bytes) dsc0044.jpg (50715 bytes) dsc0046.jpg (50539 bytes) DSC00047.JPG (61807 bytes)
Another mosaic Cinderella's castle lights up lots of different colors at night The blue was probably the neatest color! Here we were as honorary guests in the cockpit of the Monorail.  We got to sing "Who let the dogs out" over the loud speaker!
DSC00058.JPG (62159 bytes) dsc0060.jpg (47096 bytes) dsc0062.jpg (44005 bytes) dsc0063.jpg (44933 bytes)
A day out at Epcot The boys and I pose for Aunt Nell Spencer salutes to a security guard who asked him if he was behaving today Nell, Spencer, and I pose as Michael figures out the new digital camera
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And even Spencer got to take a photo with the camera At dusk the "All Nations" show starts at Epcot This was the coolest drum that rolled while the drummer played.  I took this photo for my brother David! The people walking with these figures made them dance by moving them in the air.
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It was so cool! Beautiful sunset this night. This one looked like a butterfly. The end of the parade.
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Denise and Emily as we were getting ready for dinner The fireworks at the end of the night were spectacular! This was a lighted globe that was floating around in the lake during the fireworks. The Epcot ball at night with the year 2000 lit up was breathtaking!
dsc0116.jpg (39956 bytes) dsc0114.jpg (51942 bytes) DSC00123.JPG (62172 bytes) DSC00121.JPG (61948 bytes)
Here is the Epcot ball in front of the fountain Spencer and Paige with their light toys were ready to go home by the end of the show When we got home we found a visitor in our living room He even posed for a photo shoot.  The flash would scare off most wimpy lizards...
DSC00122.JPG (64614 bytes) dsc0124.jpg (46379 bytes) DSC00125.JPG (62598 bytes) DSC00126.JPG (62562 bytes)
But not our lizard, he was cool and hung out with us for a few days The next day we went swimming with the Marshall crew Spencer said, "You don't need a life preserver, I'll save you." Toofless in Florida.
DSC00127.JPG (62326 bytes) DSC00128.JPG (62194 bytes) DSC00133.JPG (62849 bytes) dsc0134.jpg (47733 bytes)
Emily in her sun bonnett A big grin for her mommy This was the pool at their hotel.  It had the coolest slide for the kidos. ...a hidden cave, how neat...!
DSC00137.JPG (62260 bytes) dsc0138.jpg (53413 bytes) dsc0147.jpg (64554 bytes) dsc0151.jpg (67328 bytes)
Me Tarzan, you Jane!

This was to cutest shot of these two!

Nell and Spencer at Animal Kingdom This is the Tree of Life.  Each photo of this tree has different carvings.  As we walked around we got a new view of the tree which is right in middle of the park
DSC00146.JPG (62328 bytes) DSC00139.JPG (61928 bytes) DSC00154.JPG (61854 bytes) DSC00155.JPG (63405 bytes)
Can you find the owl in this picture?  Where's Waldo? The view of the Tree of Life as we left the park This is OH, SO me... Reminds me of the bat bridge in Austin, TX
DSC00145.JPG (61527 bytes) dsc0141.jpg (49682 bytes) DSC00143.JPG (62879 bytes) DSC00152.JPG (62596 bytes)
This was a bird show.  The Bald Eagle was so impressive.  His wing span is amazing. Here is a beautiful Owl.  He did everything the trainer said. Yummy treats for me... I'll do what ever you ask... Free flying and very colorful...
dsc0150.jpg (66871 bytes) DSC00153.JPG (62571 bytes)
We took this picture looking over a bridge. A very large turtle having a bit of an afternoon snack.
DSC00157.JPG (61634 bytes) DSC00158.JPG (61352 bytes) DSC00161.JPG (61991 bytes) DSC00162.JPG (60426 bytes)
Always a Power Ranger at heart.  Red is Spencer's favorite. All the kids at Spencer's table share in Halloween treats! Guess who this is...? Red Power Ranger and Charmander Pokemon!
dsc0176.jpg (46929 bytes) DSC00177.JPG (62092 bytes) DSC00178.JPG (62542 bytes) DSC00180.JPG (61974 bytes)
The boys ready for trick-or-treating in our neighborhood Michael turns 10 years old on Halloween Too many sweets on Halloween?  Not if it's my birthday...! Nana comes for cake and icecream before trick or treating.
All new cars this year!
Excursion_Front.jpg (105102 bytes) Excursion_Side_Rear.jpg (76326 bytes) Excursion_Side_View.jpg (72974 bytes) Expedition.JPG (62436 bytes)
David took delivery of a new "Backwoods Machine" We decided to "expand" the mode of transport and went with an Excursion This thing is massive - just enough room for two growing boys and two Labrador full-grown pups! This is Cathy's new vehicle.  A 2000 Ford Expedition. 
She will miss the red Honda CRV!  But this has so much more room!
An old dog is saved from a busy street.
DSC00184.JPG (62269 bytes)
Cathy rescued this old (14 years old) sweet dog from a nearby highway.  Her owners came to pick her up the next day after finding the flyers we put around the neighborhood.
Just more fun stuff from this year...
SSB_sings_1.jpg (75103 bytes) SSB_Sings_2.jpg (85751 bytes) SSB_sings_3.jpg (80023 bytes) SSB_sings_4.jpg (62070 bytes)
Spencer's new recording career... His tour starts in August at the Nike Center in Atlanta and runs through the end of September with 4 dates at Madison Square Garden in New York.. Rap Master Spence... and I'm here to say... Boom, chica, boom, boom...! Dat's right, I'm, in-da-HOUSE
SSB_Sings_Rap.jpg (69953 bytes) DSC00002.JPG (64308 bytes) 1404snow1.jpg (63318 bytes) 1404snow2.jpg (61023 bytes)
Actually, I'm Steve from Blue's Clues pretending to be Spencer - Rap - Master Spencer in his Thanksgiving Feast costume at Cross Creek School Last day of the year - and we get a lot of snow! Couldn't think of a better way to say good bye to 2000.
1404snow3.jpg (60770 bytes) SSBaspen1.JPG (63048 bytes) DJBNewYears.JPG (61543 bytes) DJBsnowBackyard1.JPG (50893 bytes)
The boys played out in the snow for hours!  Not enough yet to make a snowman, but still it is pretty! Spencer and Aspen spend some quality time together in the family room David in the kitchen on New Year's Eve. David decides he'd better check the pool engine - it's "cold" out here - don't want the pool to freeze!
DJBsnowBackyard2.jpg (40981 bytes) SnowBackyard1.JPG (61822 bytes) Dogs1.JPG (62642 bytes) Dogs2.JPG (63035 bytes)
OK, the pool will be just fine now... ...but it has never been this cold here before... Aspen and Java wait patiently (yeah right!) for someone to give them snacks! ...Ok, we are waiting... please, please...
Dogs3.JPG (61962 bytes) MBBrc1.jpg (51160 bytes) MBBrc2.jpg (50197 bytes) MBBrc3.jpg (51133 bytes)
....Is anyone EVER gonna get us some treats?  We deserve them... Michael in the snow with his remote control car. Look mom, I can get it to do donuts in the snow... Too much snow built up underneath - now it won't move :-(

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