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Here are some of our photos for 2001.  We hope you enjoy your look around our website!

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Click HERE to see photos from Cathy's trip to Colorado. 
August 24th, 2001 - Cathy's 20th Class Reunion weekend... 
DSC00001.JPG (61788 bytes)
Cathy on her way to the MHS 20th Class Reunion
DSC00005.JPG (61470 bytes)
Cathy and Chip Conner dancing
DSC00006.JPG (61482 bytes)
Cathy, Scott, and Colleen
DSC00007.JPG (62332 bytes)
Show me the LOVE...
DSC00008.JPG (59325 bytes)
Scott, Colleen, and Charlie
DSC00009.JPG (59913 bytes)
Scott and Colleen
DSC00010.JPG (62070 bytes)
Colleen, Charlie, and Cathy
DSC00011.JPG (59917 bytes)
Charlie, Cathy, and Scott
DSC00012.JPG (60007 bytes)
DSC00013.JPG (60971 bytes)
Boys will be boys...
DSC00014.JPG (61766 bytes)
Marty Clark, Cathy, and Chip
DSC00015.JPG (59527 bytes)
Charlie, Marty, Cathy, Chip, and Scott
DSC00016.JPG (63076 bytes)
Just like the good ol' days...
DSC00017.JPG (62477 bytes)
My friends Karen and Marty
DSC00018.JPG (60990 bytes)
Cathy and Karen
DSC00019.JPG (61474 bytes)
Nell and Cathy at Capt'n Pells
DSC00020.JPG (61927 bytes)
Bob, Nell, and Cathy
DSC00021.JPG (62165 bytes)
Charlie at Capt'n Pells
DSC00022.JPG (60378 bytes)
This is Matt, Marykay's hubby
DSC00023.JPG (63699 bytes)
Marykay and Cathy
Best Friends Forever!!!
August 4th, 2001 - New addition to the family... 
DSC00007.JPG (62705 bytes)
DSC00008.JPG (64105 bytes) DSC00021.JPG (62205 bytes) DSC00022.JPG (61839 bytes)
DSC00016.JPG (61135 bytes) DSC00017.JPG (61935 bytes) DSC00018.JPG (62747 bytes) DSC00019.JPG (64341 bytes)
DSC00020.JPG (63098 bytes) DSC00014.JPG (62487 bytes) DSC00015.JPG (61686 bytes) DSC00023.JPG (62645 bytes)
DSC00024.JPG (62567 bytes) DSC00025.JPG (61503 bytes) DSC00026.JPG (62145 bytes) DSC00027.JPG (63928 bytes)
DSC00028.JPG (61913 bytes) DSC00030.JPG (63507 bytes) DSC00031.JPG (63486 bytes) DSC00032.JPG (62812 bytes)
DSC00033.JPG (61703 bytes) DSC00034.JPG (62016 bytes) DSC00035.JPG (60931 bytes) DSC00036.JPG (60245 bytes)
DSC00037.JPG (60627 bytes) DSC00038.JPG (62181 bytes) DSC00042.JPG (63075 bytes) DSC00043.JPG (62590 bytes)
DSC00044.JPG (61921 bytes) DSC00045.JPG (62375 bytes)
DSC00047.JPG (70633 bytes) DSC00048.JPG (67264 bytes)
August 2nd, 2001 - Back to school 
2001ReadyForSchoolMichael1.JPG (67771 bytes)
Michael's first day of 5th grade
2001ReadyForSchoolSpencer1.JPG (72414 bytes)
Spencer's first day of 1st grade
June 29th - Spencer's 6th Birthday 
DSC00223.JPG (63025 bytes)
Spencer gets a cookie bouquet from Aunt Nell
DSC00224.JPG (61713 bytes)
How is he going to eat all of those by himself...?
DSC00225.JPG (72920 bytes)
Cookie close-up
DSC00226.JPG (87001 bytes)
Golf Warrior
(at Randy's B-day party)
DSC00229.JPG (62064 bytes)
Look at me... aren't I just a cutie?
DSC00231.JPG (62750 bytes)
This is Randy, my very bestest friend
DSC00234.JPG (57592 bytes)
Michael went along for a day of miniature golf
DSC00168.JPG (63799 bytes)
Just goofing off a few weeks before my birthday!
June 20th - A visit from our good friends from Austin, Texas ... 
DSC00174.JPG (62074 bytes)
(4 months old)
DSC00175.JPG (64232 bytes)
Emily has a PBJ
DSC00176.JPG (62325 bytes)
Spencer in the deep end
DSC00177.JPG (62061 bytes)
Paige ready to  slide in the pool
DSC00178.JPG (63056 bytes)
Spencer playing peek-a-boo
DSC00179.JPG (62414 bytes)
Nicholas is getting sleepy...
DSC00180.JPG (63052 bytes)
Emily is just so cute!
DSC00181.JPG (63041 bytes)
Spencer is watering everything
DSC00182.JPG (62261 bytes)
25 years from now this could be their honeymoon photo 
DSC00183.JPG (62570 bytes)
Here Paige sweetheart, want a drink of water?
Spencer's Mother's Day Tea at Cross Creek School
DSC00093.JPG (54632 bytes) DSC00094.JPG (65005 bytes) DSC00095.JPG (62786 bytes) DSC00096.JPG (62307 bytes)
DSC00097.JPG (63365 bytes) DSC00102.JPG (58569 bytes) DSC00103.JPG (62891 bytes) DSC00105.JPG (63564 bytes)
DSC00106.JPG (62286 bytes) DSC00107.JPG (61724 bytes) DSC00108.JPG (68485 bytes) DSC00109.JPG (69393 bytes)
Easter morning at the Blanton household...
DSC00060.JPG (62263 bytes) DSC00054.JPG (61907 bytes) DSC00063.JPG (63344 bytes) DSC00064.JPG (63326 bytes)
DSC00053.JPG (63958 bytes) DSC00056.JPG (64218 bytes) DSC00062.JPG (62027 bytes) DSC00052.JPG (62498 bytes)
DSC00065.JPG (63033 bytes) DSC00050.JPG (61019 bytes) DSC00051.JPG (59027 bytes) DSC00046.JPG (60963 bytes)
DSC00048.JPG (61932 bytes) DSC00049.JPG (59513 bytes) DSC00044.JPG (61929 bytes) DSC00045.JPG (60828 bytes)
DSC00043.JPG (60970 bytes) DSC00058.JPG (62037 bytes) DSC00059.JPG (61550 bytes) DSC00061.JPG (61747 bytes)
DSC00057.JPG (63770 bytes) DSC00066.JPG (62404 bytes) DSC00055.JPG (63745 bytes)
Spencer's Easter Egg Hunt at Cross Creek School
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 Spencer's Easter Egg Hunt at Cross Creek School.  Here are his buddies Mark and Randy

Click HERE to see a video of...

On your mark, get set, go... 

Click HERE to see a video of...

All of Spencer's class mates race to see who can find the most eggs

Click HERE to see a video of...

Spencer shows us all the eggs he put in his basket

DSC00025.JPG (61866 bytes)
Spencer and his buddies
DSC00027.JPG (63163 bytes)
Spencer and classmates on the "hunt"

Our Friend Tammy Goings visits Texas - March 2001
DSC00001.JPG (60597 bytes)
Tammy, Michael, Spencer, and Cathy go to Lake Texoma for an outing...
DSC00003.JPG (61136 bytes)
At the check in station where they have some cool animal mounts
DSC00004.JPG (62373 bytes)
Michael meets a friendly feline...
DSC00005.JPG (62129 bytes)
Here is the crew posing for a photo at an overlook in the tent campsites
DSC00006.JPG (61248 bytes)
Tammy and I hadn't seen each other in almost 15 years!
DSC00008.JPG (64946 bytes)
The lake level was so high we couldn't go in our favorite cave...
DSC00009.JPG (63568 bytes)
A view of the beautiful cliffs
DSC00011.JPG (62735 bytes)
Here's Tam wondering what she got herself into with these two wild boys...
DSC00012.JPG (62920 bytes)
Michael learning the basics of camp fire safety
DSC00013.JPG (61859 bytes)
This is one of our favorite spots in Texas
DSC00014.JPG (61633 bytes)
Spencer says, "This one should do the trick."
DSC00015.JPG (60927 bytes)
Finally we get the fire to burn without any more leaves
DSC00018.JPG (62674 bytes)
"All I want for Christmas is my two front teeff...," oh yeah, Christmas has come and gone... oh well!
DSC00020.JPG (63161 bytes)
The Blantons by the shore near the damn at the Red River
DSC00021.JPG (61789 bytes)
Remembering old times...
(Tammy, her brother Philip, and I went to Europe for a month to visit their mother Pearl back in March of 1984)
DSC00023.JPG (62249 bytes)
Brotherly love or wrestling neck lock...? You be the judge.

I love this photo of our guys...

DSC00024.JPG (62732 bytes)
Spencer's photography lessons are going very well...
DSC00026.JPG (70780 bytes)
Just to prove she was REALLY in Texas...
DSC00027.JPG (64598 bytes)
Last photo before we started back to Plano.

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