2002 Photos


Christmas at Jordon's Cabin in N. Ferrisburgh, Vermont

Our Christmas Tree

The loft

Here I am...

"You want a piece of me...?"

Ta Da!

Best Buds

View from the back porch...

... of the Adirondacks

56 acres of heaven

Where we spent most of our time

Here rides our mini Dottie

Lake Champlain

Shores of the lake

Ducks at the shore

Hey Dad, can we swim... NOT!

All my boys

The dinning room

The kitchen

The great room

Great room windows

At the Vermont Pub and Brewery

The slopes at Middlebury, VT

Michael wondering what to do first.

Spencer is in awe of it all.

OK, let's try snow angels.

The snow is pretty cold...!

The beautiful finished product.

Snow, snow, everywhere.

Hay for the horses.

Typical Vermont picture.

David and the boys enjoying the sun and snow.

Mom and the kids take a break for a picture.

The Snow Bowl
Middlebury, VT

The Snow Bowl
Middlebury, VT

OK bud - let's have a snow ball fight!

There's lots of snow here.


Is there someone behind that nice sign???

Brynne and Lane - our new friends

The snow is just starting to fall on Christmas Day

Front of the cabin.

Warm lights - cold, cold snow.

The boys are let out to play.

Spencer gets Michael with a shovel full!

The car is slippery.

We don't ever get snow like this in Texas.

Spencer and David snowboarding.

We went to the Old Lantern Inn nearby to sled.

View from back porch.


Michael with his sled.

Covered bridge at Lake Champlain.

Our Christmas Yule Log Cake.

Boys by the fireplace at Dog Team Tavern.

Time to say goodbye to Vermont.

At the Burlington, VT airport.  The boys are already tired of traveling and we haven't even left yet.

The Blanton guys all wake up for a photo at the airport before we go. How blessed we are to have such a wonderful Christmas vacation!
New toys

We installed a 6'6" slide for everyone to enjoy.

Since this photo we have filled the landscaping in with rocks.

We have waited a long time to have another Jeep.

David surprised Cathy with this awesome vehicle.

Now all four of us can go out and enjoy a beautiful clear evening.
The boys start school - August 12th, 2002

Michael starts the 6th grade.

Spencer starts the 2nd grade.

Traditional 1st day of school photo.

"Mom, can I ride Aspen to school instead of the bus...???"
Colorado Trip  Summer 2002

This was a contortionist we saw on Pearl St.

He actually fit his whole body in this box.

This guy was rally funny.  Here he was walking on a ladder.

On a unicycle.

Did you see that snake?

Uncle Mark took us to an airshow.

And, the stealth bomber made an appearance. Cool!

I think this was an F16.  We were right behind it.

The highlight was watching the Blue Angels!

Awesome formation!

Amazing how close the are to one another.

This plane flew right over us.  Not much of a photo, but you can tell how close it was.

Neat spiral manuver.

Spencer in the Blahnik's side yard.

This was taken on the roadside at Boulder Falls.

We love our Aunt Dee!

Pretty neat natural rock formation.

Michael and Dee.

These are the Boulder Falls.

Dee and Cathy stop for Michael to take a picture.

This mountain top was on fire a few years ago.  Still no trees yet.

Michael and Spencer on the Brass Frog at Pearl Street.

One day trip was to Estes Park.  This is a tram we rode on.

And this is the view from the top.

The boys stopped to look out the binoculars.

Dee and Cathy

There are thousands of squirrels up there.

And they love for you to and feed them.

The boys were thrilled.

Incredible views!

Michael and Spencer had a great day!

Dee and Cathy at the Rio.

Another day we drove to Rocky Mountain National Park.

It was in the 90's in town and up at the top of the park it was about 67.

The scenery was spectacular!   And, the had a really neat gift shop.

This was so beautiful .


Back to Pearl Street.  The boys with a 14 point buck statue.

A trip to the aquarium.

We could have spent all day watching the Sea Otters.  Here he has his paw in his mouth.

Dee and Cathy in front of the shark tank.

Spencer said the aquarium was "fascinating.

The big shark.

"blub, blub, blub..."

OH NO...

Then, he got Michael, too...

Off to see the tigers.

Looks like he could jump right on the boys.

Here kitty, kitty...

He sits up for a portrait.

The day we left the boys wanted pics with Ryan...

... and Josh.

Josh, his friends, and Michael and Spencer.
Summer 2002
David's South Africa Trip - April, 2002 

David and their guide

Leader of
the pack

Curious bystanders

Hummm, who me...??? Are you looking at me?

Postcard material...

Isn't she beautiful...?

The Lion Den

Here kitty, kitty...

Rhino looking for some din din..

WHAT is this one?  He looks really mean...!!!

Awesome Zebra - David was actually this close

Hard to believe David took these photos - what a great experience

Here is the crew that went on the excursion.
Behind them is the plane they flew in from Johannesburg.
Easter at the Blanton Household

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