2003 Photos


Christmas in Vermont - 2003
SASS CAT (1968 Cougar) arrives in Texas

1968 Mercury Cougar
Engine is a 302 V8 Automatic
Exterior and Interior are Burgundy
with Front Bucket Seats

1968 Cougar Advertisement

The covered auto transport truck arrives

Getting ready to move SASS CAT out

Moving everything out of her way

Unchaining her from the tie downs

One last check

On your mark...

Get ready...

Get set...

Here she comes...

And she's off...

The truck driver says, "SCHWEEEET"

"New" Home Sweet Home
(Thank you Uncle Larry!)
Exterior photos of "Camp David"

Back porch

View to the lake

Back porch

Back porch

Side porch

From the steps

Fire pit

Guest house

Guest house

Guest house

Boat house

From the dock looking up at the house

Boathouse close up

Lakeview from the dock
Interior photos of "Camp David"

Family room

Family room

Looks out on the lake

Gas fireplace

Dining room

warming present - Authentic Tiffany Lamp - only 2500 were made!

View of the lake

warming present

(will be redone to Coca-Cola)


Back hallway

Bedroom 1

Hall bath

Hall bath

Hall bath

Bedroom 2


The Dotster checking things out

Master bath

Master bath

Master bath

Master bath
Sasscer Family Reunion

Cathy wins custody of Grandfather Wallis

Brian and Kim Sasscer's awesome cruising yacht

This is Brian and Kim's awesome home

Grandfather Wallis says, "Vote for Cathy Blanton!"

Kim and their dog "Temporary"

Going out for a sunset cruize

Lowering the boat from the dock

Looking at the beautiful Potomac sunset

Monica, Renny, and Elisa

Brian and Maureen

Brian, Maureen, and cutie pie Mary

This HAS to be the best shot of all time!

The Offutt family


Going... going... gone...

Brian and Kim Sasscer

Elisa, Kim, Mary, and Rennix

Grandfather Wallis leaving the rental car area at Dulles Airport

Grandfather Wallis and the Porter before check-in time

Cathy and Grandfather Wallis at the Admiral's club before our flight takes off back to Dallas, TX
First Day of School

Spencer starts 3rd grade today.

He is so proud of his new backpack!

Michael starts the 7th grade today.

He is wondering what the day will bring...

This is our traditional "1st day photo by the front door."
We have a new Bearded Dragon...

This was our beloved Yoshi  - who passed away in July.

This is Yoku - our replacement.

We are keeping Yoku and Yoda separated until Yoku gets bigger.

Yoda taking charge!


This is my log.. and I catch crickets here...

Hey... are you looking at ME?

You are no one until you've been ignored by the YODA.

Yoku getting used to his new environment.

Yoda on his hammock.
Coming soon...  Cedar Creek Lake House

Back of the house faces the lake

The house is small, charming, and very cozy

View from the porch.  The yard is incredible! and includes a guest house.

The boat house has an electric boat lift and lifts for two jet skis.  There is a swing to watch the sunsets...
Our Summer Vacation at Canada Lake
June 1st - Nana & Ed's Reception

The happy couple

Jordon almonds for departing guests

Dinning room table as it was being set up

The wedding cake was soooooooo yummy

Sara, Jessica, and Wes

Cathy, David, and John

The Baird kids

Nana, David, and John

Nana and her guys

The Baird Boys

Who would believe John is younger?

The table all set up

Fit for a King and Queen

This wedding cake was lemon

Nana tastes the turkey

Sara and Jessica look on


Everything looks beautiful

Alice and Nancy

Alice and Brian

Greg and Hyung Ay

Brian and Elisa

Renny, Rennix, and Mary

Maryanne and Jessica

Jessica and Ruby

Charlie and Nelly Flynn

Cathy, Michelle, Maureen, Larry, Elisa, Cindy

Larry and his girls...

Sass's girls

Alice and her girls

Alice and Cathy

Larry and his boys, Brian, Greg, Larry, and Larry

Larry and Cindy

Cindy and Nancy

The happy Groom

The blushing Bride



Cathy and Brian

Larry, Abby, and Marisa


Sara with her hair in an "up do"

... and a flower from the garden

Sara on the porch

Baird sisters

The John Baird family

Rennix and Mary

David, Cathy, John, Nana, Sara, Ed, Maryanne, and Wes

David and Cathy

David and Jessica

Jessica on the porch

Jessica with her hair up and a pretty flower

David, Jessica, and Sara

Scott, Alice, Phillip, and Michelle


Cathy and Elisa
Our new kitty - KIMBA

Kimba with his beautiful blue eyes.

Kimba gets along very well with Snickers and Tripod.

Tripod looking at Kimba's photo shoot.

Kimba is part grey tabby and part Siamese.  He is very talkative and EXTREMELY friendly!

He makes himself right at home on our bed.

Kimba has the sweetest face!

Snickers taking it all in...

"Kimba, well... he's still alive only because he still has his claws!"
Our remodeled foyer

This wall now covers what used to be a large opening into the Formal Living Room (which is now Cathy's office).

NEW photo of the foyer from above.

OLD photo of foyer from above - you can see the entrance to the Formal Living Room on the right.  Also you can see the old chandelier.

New chandelier in the foyer.  All other light fixtures match  (upper hallway, power room, and dinning room chandelier are from the same suite of lamps).
Our Bearded Dragons

Yoda in the back,
Yoshi in the front.  Yoda is hugging Yoshi on their first day together - or do you think he is trying to push him off the edge...???


I'm on the prowl for some yummy crickets.  They can't see me in my lookout tree trunk.

Well, I thought I'd just push some sand around in here and maybe rearrange some trees...

Oooo, ooo, teacher?... ah... over here... hey you, teacher... can i please go to the bathroom...?


... and then there was light...

This is Yoda going right.

and Yoda going left...

Hard to see, but Yoshi is waving to you - he is on the right.

Yoshi climbing the tree to get a better veiw of the crickets.

You are NOBODY until you've been ignored by a Bearded Dragon...

Yoda last November hanging on to his food dish.


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