Nancy's Gallery



This is my mother's online gallery.

Please enjoy her paintings!


ElisasPainting.JPG (51816 bytes)
Painting for my Niece Elisa
DSC00146.JPG (70465 bytes)
Lighthouse at Cape May
DSC00148.JPG (73372 bytes)
English Garden
DSC00151.JPG (48308 bytes)
Potomac River
DSC00152.JPG (63748 bytes)
Girls at play
DSC00153.JPG (61828 bytes)
Flooded Field
DSC00154.JPG (61524 bytes)
Sailboat with Boys Fishing
DSC00155.JPG (56356 bytes)
DSC00156.JPG (61999 bytes)
Girls and Ducks
DSC00157.JPG (51712 bytes)
Mama and baby geese
DSC00158.JPG (53905 bytes)
DSC00159.JPG (46907 bytes)
Sailing Ships
DSC00160.JPG (36314 bytes)
DSC00161.JPG (53660 bytes)
St. Michael's
DSC00162.JPG (41517 bytes)
Sailboat Shadow
DSC00163.JPG (41997 bytes)
Brilliant Sunset
DSC00164.JPG (55048 bytes)
Moonlight Canoe
DSC00165.JPG (59759 bytes)
Chain Bridge
DSC00166.JPG (46102 bytes)
Reston Gazebo
DSC00167.JPG (61013 bytes)
Washington Canal
DSC00168.JPG (60866 bytes)
Man with a dog
DSC00171.JPG (41056 bytes)
Flooded Field
DSC00172.JPG (54141 bytes)
Reflection in Reston
DSC00173.JPG (61673 bytes)
Work in Progress
(for my son-in-law, David)
DSC00174.JPG (60964 bytes)
Work in
Progress 2

Be sure to check back often, as I will update this page with new
and exciting paintings as they are completed!

Thanks for stopping by!


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