Tribute to Steve



Stephen Kyle Owesney

April 8, 1963 - August 17, 1998

This was my high-school buddy, Steve Owesney.  I found out about his death while I was looking through our McLean High School Alumni list.  Needless to say, I was shocked!  My best friend Marykay, Steve, and I were all great pals.  We hung around together.  As a matter of fact, Marykay and her husband Matt started dating when they hooked up at a party Steve threw for my 16th birthday (wow, what a party!).  Steve and I went to our Senior Prom together, so some of these photos below are from Prom Night, 1981.  We had a small party at Steve's house before we all went out to dinner and Steve's brother Tom also went to our prom because he was dating a class-mate of ours at the time named Stephanie Armendaris.

So, here is my little tribute to a very good friend, I did love him, and he will be greatly missed!


Senior Prom - 1981
(click on a photo for a larger view)
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Photos at my mom's house before we left Steve and I on Mom's porch  - a close up - this was everyone's favorite!

Steve and I out on Mom's porch - a very nice afternoon!

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Just Steve on the porch Another photo of Steve and me Never too many photos for prom...
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Outside ready to get going... Mom says, how about one more, in the gazebo? Still outside... Mom, we are ready to go now...
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Steve picked me up in Tom's
Trans Am...
We are leaving now, Mom... :-)

Finally, at the Owesney's house for a  small party before we're off to dinner A great photo of Steve and his  brother Tom
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Tom and Stephanie Group photo in the Family Room Tom and Stephanie with friends at the kitchen table
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Tom and Stephanie out by the
Trans Am
On the way to dinner - Steve gives me a "look"
...he's so handsome!
Steve at the restaurant before the Prom
cbb1.jpg (10781 bytes)
Looking at the menu...
Other great photos of Steve...
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Steve and I at the beach with another couple Steve at my house in McLean holding my dog "Sandy" Steve and I out for lunch in 1983
skohallo.jpg (16474 bytes)
All dressed up for Halloween in 1983.  Steve and I went to a costume party.
Here we are in our class photo in the bleachers at the football field.  The actual photo is very wide and I couldn't fit it on my scanner - so I cropped the photo.

I'll always remember:

  • Your 1967 Gold Camero with black interior (WOW!)

  • Mr. Owl and barefoot'n

  • The secrets you told me and I told you

  • Our big secret...

  • JazzBo McMann and my 16th birthday party

  • Sour cream and Doritos... forever... !!!

  • Many, many drives to the quarry and cliff jumping!

  • Fun times at Great Falls Park

  • Sneaking me out my bedroom window

  • And, so much more...

Good night and sleep tight my friend!
I'll see you when I get there...

Hey, say "Hi" to my Dad for me, OK?




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