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Hi!  I'm Michael Blanton.

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Thanks for stopping by and looking at my web page. 

January 1, 2001:

Hi everyone!  Well, now I'm in the 4th grade and I really like school.  My brother Spencer and I are just like best friends.  In school I'm taking lots of cool classes like Math, Reading, Spelling (I'm good at spelling), Art, Music, Gym, and of course there is always recess after lunch.  After school Spencer and I play together after I do all my chores (boy, I really don't like chores).  We go to Awanas on Wednesday evenings and I'm learning more about Jesus and the Bible.  We do cool things there and I'm making lots of friends.  For Christmas I got some neat grinding roller skates and a Karaoke machine so I can sing with the CDs.  I would love to be in a band like my Uncle David.  Maybe someday he can teach me how to play the drums.  I'll write more later on this year.   Here is my school picture for the 4th grade:

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January 3rd, 1999:

I've started on a new basketball team.  It is called the Mavericks.  So far, these are the stats:  1 loss, 1 win, 6 more to go.

I've really become quite good with a yo-yo.  Santa brought a YoMega Fire Ball (clear) and a Turbo Bumble Bee (yellow and black).  I also got a "Yo For It" video, which is helping me learn all the tricks.  I can "walk the dog", "elevator", "around the corner", and working on a few more.   Check my Hot Links for some cool Yo-Yo links.

Going into the 3rd grade:

As with Spencer, I too am back at school.  I'm in the third grade this year and will attending Hedgcoxe Elementary School in Plano, TX.  I am in day three today and so far all is great.  New Teacher, New Classmates and oh yes, home work .... the more things change the more they stay the same.  Take care everyone and see you soon! -- Michael

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September 25th, 1998:

Mom and I had a great two-week vacation this summer.  Be sure to check out our pictures in our Picture Archives.

I have now started the second grade.  My teacher is Mrs. Moore.  We have lots of homework, just like in the first grade.  My mom told me she will be quitting her job soon so she will be able to pick me up from school in the afternoon.  I'm looking forward to spending more time with her and my brother, Spencer.

I love our new cat, Snickers.  He and I like to play rough together.   Sometimes he nips at me to get my attention.  I like to pick him up and put him around my neck.  He likes to stay there as I walk around.

January 1, 1998:

I am very happy to be involved in basketball this year.  I am great at it.   I have lots of friends on my team and I am happy to play with them. 

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I have also been doing some fishing lately.  Dad and I have been using the boat a lot even on the colder days.  I just wear my gloves and heavy coat and I can stay very warm.  If you would like to take a look at the fish we recently caught please click on the picture below:

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It has been great to be off from school during the holiday season.  I go back next week, January 5th.   Mrs. Freeman, my teacher, is great and I have learned lots of new stuff.  I am lucky to have Mrs. Freeman as my teacher.

I am glad to have a wonderful Dad.  His name is David.  I am also so happy to have a wonderful Mom named Cathy.  Its also great to have a baby brother.   His name is Spencer.  He is a lot of work.  He really keeps me busy.   I also love my dog.  I call be Aspen-pup.  She is my favorite dog in the whole world.

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  Please send email to me at:  michaelblanton@hotmail.com


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