Our Texas Home



We love it here, and have enjoyed adding our own personal touch since we arrived in 1993.

Please... come on in and look around...

Welcome to our home in Plano, Texas
ourhouse.jpg (16152 bytes)

Our house
before we bought it
in 1993.

House2.jpg (73553 bytes)

Our house
in 2001.

Our house
in 2005.



Evening Lights

The Foyer

Christmas is in the air...

Foyer 2003 - after Living Room wall was "walled up"
(new floor)

New chandelier and blinds on windows

Living Room entrance used to be on the left.
Floor originally was
white tile
then Pergo
here beige tile
now new brick/taupe tile
Foyer1.jpg (28681 bytes)

Old foyer
after some painting
(old floor)

Foyer2.jpg (23860 bytes)

Old foyer upstairs view
(old floor)

The Living Room
LivingRoom.jpg (51664 bytes)

Original Living Room

... then it was a dinning room
for a while...

2003 - now that the Living room has been "walled up" it is Cathy's new office.
The Dinning Room
DinningRoom.jpg (25258 bytes)





Custom built in cabinet

Made of MDF

All finished!

The Family Room
FamilyRoom1.jpg (66974 bytes)

Family Room (before)

Starting the new paint

Love the color and texture

Added oak wood blinds

Putting in a new floor

Almost done


Family Room (after)

New entrance to Cathy's office (left) used to be the Living Room.

We used to have a drum set in the Family Room

Now we have my Grandmother Sasscer's piano


Better view of my mother's portrait
The Powder Room
PowderRoom.jpg (49516 bytes)

Before Power Room




New oak wood blinds


New light fixture & mirror

View from the

The Kitchen
Kitchen1.jpg (69616 bytes)

Kitchen (before)

Kitchen2.jpg (69686 bytes)

Kitchen (before)

Getting ready...

Chosen border and wallpaper

Before new wallpaper

Before new countertops

Old floor

New floor

Eat in kitchen area

Brick / Taupe colored kitchen tile floor



New fridge and dishwasher

New countertops

New countertops

Okalahoma flagstone
stained dark to look
like granite

Before new microwave

After new microwave

New custom built spice rack

Spice rack all the way out

Spice rack all the way in

Gas cook top before

Under construction

New Jenn-Air 5-burner gas range
with 2 ovens

Old wall oven and microwave

Cut out for new ovens

New oven and microwave
Now our kitchen has 3 ovens
and 2 microwaves!
Perfect for a cake baker!

Old top was warped on this old sideboard

So took it off and bought a slab of Oklahoma Slate

Had it cut to size

Put a dark stain on it
originally it was almost white

And this is the finished piece!

The Master Bedroom
OurBed1.jpg (73531 bytes)

Master Bedroom

Pending new paint
new crown molding
new tapestry curtains and armoire
The Master Bathroom
MstrBthold.jpg (18497 bytes)

Master Bath (before)

MstrBth1.jpg (69977 bytes)

Master Bath (after)

MstrBth3.jpg (49106 bytes)

Master Bath (after)

Michael's Room

Michael's room was originally Spencer's Nursery, then it was Cathy's Office, now it is Michael's Room.

Originally there were French doors here that went into the Master.  We walled that up to make a 4th bedroom.

Then Michael got bunkbeds
had those for a few years...

Very messy and unkempt

Things were getting out of control...

But on Michael's 16th birthday
we gave him a room makeover!

Clean lines and fresh paint...

New artwork - all neat and tidy

Michael ready for work...


Spencer's Room

Spencer's room "before"
Looks like an episode of "Clean House"

Anyone have a shovel???

Whew, will be glad when this is over!

Spencer's redecorated room

Have since moved the bed


Bed in new location

Desk and bookshelves

The Hall Bathroom
BoysBath.jpg (25660 bytes)

Hall Bath (before)

Cathy's Office
CathyOffice1.jpg (68983 bytes)

Cathy's office (before)
which is Michael's bedroom now

CathyOffice2.jpg (75332 bytes)

Cathy's office (before)

Cathy's new office (old living room)
David's Office
DavidOffice1.jpg (72559 bytes)

David's office
(before and after)

DavidOffice2.jpg (65781 bytes)

David's office
(before and after)

Outside - Back Yard

Backyard 2007 with new interior fencing

You can also see the newish exterior fencing
(wood) behind the slide

A new place for the table


Backyard1.jpg (76910 bytes)

Backyard before new
patio and fence

New patio cover and fence

Backyard3.jpg (71329 bytes)

Backyard before

Backyard4.jpg (72766 bytes)



Backyard after
new slide and fence

Extended patio

New patio cover

Another view from extended patio

Backyard2.jpg (75349 bytes)

Backyard before


Backyard after

New electric gate

Nothing like a little security!

Pool Renovation

Boys taking advantage

Having lots of fun

How often can boys do this?

Spa before

One last time...

Clean and white

Finally no more stains

Finishing touches


Almost done

Just add water...!

Side yard (needs a little help!)




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