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Welcome to our Pet's Page. 

Liberty Hill FedEx Express (Rush) (Black Lab)
Joined the Blanton Family June 2005
Birthdate - XXXXX
Blackwater Tag (Tag) (Black Lab)
Joined the Blanton Family July 2005
Birthdate -
Buddy (We think he might be a Border Collie - Terrier Mix)


Java Beans Blanton (Java) (Dark Chocolate Lab)
Joined the Blanton Family December 1998
Birthdate - November 4, 1998
Past Away - December 13, 2008

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Canada Lake Aspen Blanton (Aspen) (Yellow Lab)
Joined the Blanton Family December 1993
Birthdate - XXXXXX    Passed away XXXXXX
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Shadow Blanton (Shadow) (Blue Italian Greyhound)
Joined the Blanton Family XX/XX/XX
Given to another family XX/XX/XX




Bo (Manx - Domestic Shorthair Grey Tabby )
Cathy adopted Bo in 1982
Passed away on XXXXXX
Kimba (Domestic Shorthair Siamese mix)
Joined the Blanton Family XX/XX/XX
Given to another family XX/XX/XX
Tripod (Domestic Shorthair Silver Tabby)
Joined the Blanton Family 12/17/2000
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Snickers (Domestic Shorthair Grey Tabby)
Joined the Blanton Family XX/XX/XX
Given to another family XX/XX/XX
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Dottie (Rat Terrier)
Joined the Blanton Family XX/XX/XX
Given to another family XX/XX/XX
YoDa (Bearded Dragon #1)
YoShi (Bearded Dragon #2)
YoKu (Bearded Dragon #3)
YoGi (Bearded Dragon #4)
YoYo (Bearded Dragon #5)
YoBe (Bearded Dragon #6)
YoKo (Bearded Dragon #7)
Sweet Bear (Black Bear Hamster #1)
Fur Ball (Black Bear Hamster #2)
Bluey (Beta Fish)


Hi, I'm Aspen.  

My mom and dad gave me my name because I am almost completely Snow White.  I've been all over the world; Switzerland, Germany, England, and France.   My favorite movie is Air Bud.  My natural mom and dad were both champion retrievers and I can honestly say that very little of the discipline associated with being a great retriever was pasted to me.  I love my Michael and Spencer. They are my whole life.  I've been having difficulty dealing with the loss of my friend Bo-Kitty.  But now we have Snickers and I'll enjoy teaching him just who is in charge around here.  His pictures are also on this page.  Now we have a new kitty that I have to contend with.  Her name is Tripod because she only has three legs.  I give her a break because she can't run as fast as Snickers...               

Hi, I'm Java.

My full name is Java Beans Blanton. 

January 3rd, 1999:

I've nearly doubled in size since the Blanton Family brought me to their home on November 4th, 1998.  We survived Christmas, but I nearly pulled the Christmas tree down numerous times when I was pulling on the light strings.  One time, I was going after Snickers who was all the way up the tree when my bud Spencer told Mom on me -   the Angel fell down from off the very top of the tree.  It was really cool, the tree was swaying from side to side, and poor Snickers was holding on for dear life.   Hey, at least the Angel didn't break, right...?  And, Aspen has taught me that I'm supposed to torment Snickers.  Now Aspen doesn't have to do it anymore.  I love to make Snickers hiss at me, it just really gets me going.  I can even chase my tail now.  I'll go around, and around until I finally catch it.  I've even seen Snickers do the same thing - but I don't think humans do anything like that - well I haven't seen any of the Blantons do anything like that... yet... anyway.

Well, Aspen has really been teaching me the ropes, just like she did with Snickers when the Blantons brought him home.  Aspen has taught me how to NOT tinkle and (well, you know what) in the house.  I think I've been doing a nice job of getting to the door and giving a soft bark (Aspen taught me that, too) to let someone know I need to go out.  I'm growing really fast - so check back soon for another update.

November 4th, 1998:

That's right folks, The Blanton's are proud to announce the arrival of Java Beans Blanton.  He was born on September 8, 1998 here in Dallas.  Java is 13 lbs 2 oz. with a rich coat and beautiful eyes.  He is a chocolate Labrador Retriever.  Java is from excellent stock and we expect great things from him in the future. 

Hi, I'm Snickers.


And I'm not the new kid on the block anymore!  Now I have Tripod to chase after and she really keeps me going.  She is so playful for being a bit "disadvantaged."  I try to give her a break because I don't want her to hurt her good back leg.

When I was the new pet here in the Blanton household I enjoyed all my household investigating and had fun convincing Aspen that she needs to do as she's told.  I thought before too long she'll be calling ME master.  I was so glad when Cathy decided to adopt me from the local shelter.  I was only a little over a year old when she adopted me and it was very lonely in my cage at the shelter.  Its really great to have a place to call home and a nice family to go with it!

Hi, I'm Tripod.

And I am the new kid on the block now.  I sure do appreciate the Blanton family picking me up at the Pet's Mart.  That cage sure was cold and scary.  Lots of people came by to see me everyday, but no one would take me home with them.  I'm pretty sure it was because they saw I only have three legs.  You see, I lost my back right leg in an accident with a big car - I was scared!  But guess what, that's why Cathy thinks I'm so special.  When I walk I sort of hop like a bunny.  Cathy said I am so cute.  She told me she would give me a nice comfortable home with another kitty to keep me company.  His name is Snickers and he and I have become like brother and sister.  I love the Blanton family and I'm proud of my new name Tripod Blanton.  We also have two really big dogs that I have only seen briefly - they run soooo fast!



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