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Hi!  I'm Spencer Blanton.

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This is my web page.  Hope you like it.

January 1, 2001:

Hi everyone!  This year for Christmas Santa gave me some new roller blades and a Pikachu Nintendo.  I can talk to Pikachu on the TV and he reacts to my commands.  He is so cute!  In school we are learning our letter sounds and we have "site" words to practice everyday.  My mom has made a whole list for me at home so I can have homework just like my big brother Michael.  Michael does his chores and homework when he gets home every day after school and then we get to play.   Here are my Kindergarten school photos (I have two this year!):

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Spencer has also recently started a new book titled: "Life as an Internet Mega-Kid".  It will be released in May of next year from Prentice Hall Publishing.  Here are some shots of him hard at work on the latest chapter.

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January 3rd, 1999:

I am having so much fun with my new Brio train that Santa brought for Christmas.   Mom and Dad have already bought a few more pieces so I can expand the set and make lots of different tracks.  I have an engine that goes by battery and pulls the rest of the train all around.  Be sure to check my Hot Links page for some cool Brio websites.

August, 1999:

Well here I go, off to school.  This year I'll be attending the Cross Creek School Pre-K program in Plano, Texas.  What a great opportunity to meet new kids and have some fun.  Today was my second day and it sure was hard to get up and get started this morning.  The pictures below show off the awesome uniforms I wear to school.  Mom says I look like a little "Ivy Leaguer" whatever that is... must be something to do with Mom stuff.

Hope everyone is doing well.  See you all soon. -- Love, Spencer Bud

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Summer 1998:

Don't you just hate it when you are squeezing a close friend and your hair stands on end? 

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Here are some other great shots...  Please click on each one to see a larger version:

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  Please send email to me at: spencerblanton@hotmail.com


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