2004 Photos

2004 Videos

2004 - Christmas in Vermont
2004 - Michael and Spencer School Photos

4th Grade
Miss Shimko's Class

8th Grade (proof) Photo
(will be replaced when
we get the final pictures)


Spencer's 4th grade Spring photo

2004 - Canada Lake Summer Vacation
2004 - Marine Corps Birthday Ball

All the Companies lined up together

Michael playing the #1 Bass drum before the football game

Michael trying to do one of the cheers

Just before the Birthday Ball

Spencer in his Oh-So-Handsome Tux

One of the formal photos taken at the Ball

Michael wondering what his future will be like...

Spencer with the US and USMC flags

Beginning of the Ball there was an official cake ceremony

At ease...

Hey, I just want a piece of that yummy cake.  It looks big enough for all of us...

Spencer with Michael's "cover" on in the car.

Just before we left we took some pics


Michael and Mommy

Michael and Daddy

Michael and Spencer showing Michael's new watch

Best Friends Always

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2004 - Cathy and Spencer SURPRISE Michael at MMA


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