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Marine Corps Birthday Ball
The following are short movies.  They will take a while to load - even with a fast connection.  So, now might be the time to go get a cup of coffee!  Once each file has been loaded - you will see a large black square.  Please float your mouse pointer over one of the black spaces and that video will start to play.
Please be patient while loading ESPECIALLY if you have a slow connection (sorry).

Michael is the last drummer in this video.

These are all of the cadets in formation from each of the different companies.  Michael's company is Echo.

This is Echo company marching past Wayne E. Rollings Major General, U. S. Marine Corps (Ret) for their parade "inspection".  Echo had just been awarded the "Academic Streamer" which is blue and you can see it flying with their yellow company flag.  Echo company won this for their outstanding Academic achievements this semester.  Only one company is given this each semester.

Here the Rifle Team sets off the cannon and then you see the band marching off of the field.

This is Michael setting up at the Birthday Ball just before the ceremonies began.

The band during the ceremony.  Michael is up front and center.  He plays the #1 bass drum (and isn't he so cute in that uniform?)


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